Happy Tails

Every bunny has a story and they love to tell it! From silly tricks to goofy personalities you can click their picture and see what they're up to.
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Coconut: Coconut was found along the side of a country road outside of Snead's Ferry, NC by a fisherman returning home. She is an American Fuzzy Lop, a long-haired rabbit, and she had a giant fur mat on her hind end as large as another rabbit. Her fur was so entwined in her back legs she was unable to hop. We, at Cape Fear HRS, began a long process of trimming the mat, in 30-45 minute sessions each day so as not to traumatize her.

Her first litter box was a cardboard box lid with a side cut down so she could shuffle into it, but gradually she was able to move around and test her newly freed legs. In a relatively short time Coconut became a joyful rabbit, exploring, hopping and even jumping on the sofa to grab her foster mama's popsicle. Coconut is an example of the triumph of the spirit over terrible circumstances - we could only imagine the horrible place she had come from. She was adopted by a loving couple from Roanoke Va. who found her a friend. The two of them are enjoying life as house rabbits, part of a family.

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Frosty: Frosty wandered his way into Cape Fear House Rabbit Society in December 2008 after being turned loose outside. He was a young, cheerful guy who loved racing around and chewing up cardboard boxes at record speed. Through no fault of his own, Frosty proved to be very unlucky in his adoption efforts, being returned from his "forever" homes several times. He was always in great demand at Easter due to his resemblance to the Cadbury bunny, but we always kept him close to home then. In his three years in rescue he was in several foster homes and even fostered at a vet's office, all in an effort to find him a good home where he would get lots of exercise time. This process honed Frosty into a very determined little boy – he knew who and what he liked, and was holding out for what worked best for him. If you were in his good graces, you got lots of affection from him, but if not, you got a nip, or his back turned to you.

In the fall of 2011 we were contacted by a family who had been following Frosty on the website for awhile and had become quite attached to him and were touched by his story. They had two rabbits they were trying to bond, but really wanted to meet Frosty. They made Frosty part of their family in January 2012, and even though all three bunnies are still living separately, they happily coexist. Frosty finally has the happy home he has been waiting three long years for. We couldn't be happier for him.

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Zorro: I received a phone call at Dance with the Bunnies Rabbit Rescue the week that school ended. The teacher was frantic. It was the end of the school year and she wanted to "get rid" of the rabbit. She didn't know what sex he was or even have a name for him. We named him Zorro because he was white with brown rings that looks like a mask around his eyes. We took took him in and gave him lots of love and attention. Ultimately, we placed him in a new home with a wonderful young lady whose husband is serving in Iraq. He bounces around her house keeping her company and is having a great time. His new dad can't wait to come home and meet him.

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Henry: Henry came in to the shelter with a special story. At some time in his life, he suffered a back injury. He was still able to hop just fine, but could not jump up on things very well. The volunteers and staff at the SPCA modified a condo for him, taking out the platforms and making the area larger so he'd have room to stretch out. Since he hopped a little differently, it took a while to find him just the right home. Now he enjoys life with his family, who knows that he's perfect just the way he is.

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Willow: My name is Willow. I was picked up by local Animal Control, underweight, and unbeknownst to anyone, very pregnant. After a few days in foster care, I surprised everyone with eight babies! Once the babies were old enough, Cape Fear HRS started looking for a home for me. I came to Raleigh, met a new rabbit friend, and won over a family with my calm and sweet personality. Now I enjoy life in my new home with a best friend and plenty of time to run and play. I'm very smart, and enjoy puzzle toys. My favorite things are playing chase, redecorating baskets, and having a shoulder rub.